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Lawyer Marketing: TV Ads v. Online Video

In one corner...Lawyers with TV ads. In the other corner...Lawyers using online video. The TV ad lawyer weighs in as the big gorilla in the room. The oldest form of lawyer advertising around. It's an oldtimer with proven results. The online video lawyer is a newcomer; a relative lightweight packing a powerful punch. The TV lawyer has 30 seconds to tell his viewer why Continue reading

Video Marketing: It’s All About the Relationship

I returned from a fascinating legal marketing seminar hosted by AVVO a few weeks ago, where I was speaking about video marketing. Everybody at the seminar wanted to find a way to improve their search engine optimization to get more traffic to their website. However, if a viewer arrives on your website and you are unable to develop a personal relationship, all of your efforts will be wasted. Naturally, I do not mean creating an attorney-client relationship. Rather, a personal relationship. Continue reading

Somebody Offered to Buy My Domain Today

I'm not talking about the domain for this blog, Instead, I'm talking about my medical malpractice domain That is the center of my online universe. It's an established website with thousands of pages of content. Continue reading


I think we shot at least 50 videos in one day, which to me was amazing. That was probably the thing I was most nervous about when you said we were going to shoot 50 videos, I thought we would be here until midnight and it’s well short of midnight when we finished. So I’m really pleased with the amount of work that we got done in one day.
I would say call Gerry. He’ll spend the time with you on the phone to talk to you about what he does. It’s not a hard sell.

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