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AVVO Conference 2011; SEO for Attorneys

We rolled out the red carpet once again for lawyers at the conference in Orlando, Florida. 2 Months ago, I was at Ken Hardison’s legal marketing seminar called PILMMA (Personal Injury Marketing and Management Association). Continue reading

Have You Thought About Shooting Video in the Nude?

No, not porno. The title is a grabber. You may be letdown after looking forward to a video shot in the nude. Then again, you might just read the rest of this post. Continue reading

Ethics of Lawyer Video Marketing

Every lawyer is guided by ethics rules for their own state in which they practice. We each take great pains not to step over the boundaries that the ethics committee has established for us. Unfortunately, those rules are not set in stone, and often fall in a gray area especially with the fast-moving and fast-paced Internet. Most of the established rules relate to traditional forms of attorney advertising. Continue reading

Video: Your Consumers & Clients Expect You To Have It

It's simple really. You create video to educate your ideal client. They now EXPECT you to have video. Hi-definition video. Quality video. Educational video that informs and teaches. What will your consumer or ideal client think if they come to your website and you have NO video or have video that stinks? Continue reading

Franklin & Bash Attorneys- You Do Know Them, Right?

You've got to watch this video about two young and brash lawyers starting work in a stodgy law firm. Even better though is this video that spoofs lawyers advertisements. How cool is that! Continue reading

Lawyer Loses All Content on Day of Video Shoot

I arrived at the video shoot energized and excited to begin another great day of shooting video. I was surprised to learn that the attorney lost all his content and he began to panic. Watch the video to learn what happened. Continue reading

How Are You Different From Other Lawyers?

I ask attorneys that question all the time. The answers don’t faze me anymore. “I give personal attention.” “We have free parking.” “We have tons of experience.” It’s like reading the slogans from the yellow pages. It’s almost like we’ve been brainwashed that the only way to set ourselves apart is to use cliched and hackneyed phrases. Nonsense. Continue reading

100 Videos. Could You Benefit From This?

It started with an intro video on a website home page. “Welcome to my website... feel free to explore.” Sure, that was as exciting as watching paint dry. Then some enterprising lawyers realized they with a few more videos they could create video bios of each attorney. That was even more exciting; listening to people talk about themselves and their wonderful credentials. Then some savvy lawyers got the idea to educate their consumers using video. (Yes, I was one of the 'pioneers' using video to educate.) Continue reading

“Welcome Gerry, You Have No Friends”

That’s exactly what Facebook told me when I first signed up in November 2009. Before that, I had resisted for a long time. My kids were on it. They used it constantly and I just couldn’t figure out what the big deal was. It looked like a total waste of time. It was touted as a way to keep in touch with your high school friends. Reunite with past acquaintances. Continue reading

Why Would a Tech-Savvy Lawyer Go to a Legal Marketing Seminar?

The answer is to learn. No matter how good an attorney you are, you must continue to learn about your specialty. Trial practice, cross-examination, rules of evidence, openings, summations and more are the heart and soul of the personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer. Failure to keep abreast of the current case law is detrimental to your practice. Continue reading


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