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Burn Victim Comes Into Office Saying “I Feel Like I Already Know You”

A potential new client came into my office yesterday and said something that I hear constantly. With a big, affectionate smile and a hearty handshake, the first words I heard was “Mr. Oginski, I feel as if I already know you.” “You look the same as you do on your videos.” “I’ve watched so many of your videos...” Continue reading

Lawyer Struggles With Cross-Examination at Trial

Plaintiff's attorney: "Officer, did you go to the accident scene? Officer: Yes. Q: Did you investigate the scene? A: Yes. Q: Did you obtain the names of all those involved? A: Yes. Q: Did you speak to each driver? A: Yes. Q: Did you run their licenses? A: Yes. Q: Did you learn that one license was fake? A: Yes. Q: Is that illegal? A: Yes. Q: Are there penalties for pretending to be someone you're not? A: Yes. Q: What are the penalties? A: Fraud, impersonation... Q: As a result of that fraud did you issue a summons to that person? A: Yes. Q: Did you arrest that person? Continue reading

Lawyer Marketing: Build a Relationship

How do you build a relationship online? The point was hammered home in a recent blog post from my good friend Dave Lorenzo, a legal marketing expert. He discussed how crucial it is to establish a relationship when building your law firm. He emphasized that there is no magic silver bullet. Rather, the process begins with a simple relationship that focuses on the client, their problems and the solutions you can offer. Without relationship, there is no trust. Without trust, client becomes dissatisfied. Continue reading

What’s the Deal With QR Codes?

Go ahead. Use your iPhone to snap this QR code. Leave a comment below about where you're taken to. No, it's not some far-away island. Instead, it takes you to a landing page where I have a video playing. Continue reading

Flip Video Camera is Dead

If you own a Flip camera, you now own a piece of history. Cisco, the owner of Flip has decided to cancel all production and and the entire Flip video camera line. A few years ago, that was the first handheld video camera that made it simple and easy to press the red record button. The major drawback to that was that it there was no way to plug in an external microphone to get great quality audio. Continue reading

Warning: Don’t Create Your Own Attorney Video Till You Read This

Here’s a perfect example of what happens when you think you can do it all yourself. A good friend of mine is a very sharp businessman. He wanted to create his own video to upload online to market his business. Great idea. The problem was the details. I recently got an email from my friend letting me know that the video file size was over 40 GB and was taking days to upload to YouTube. He asked if this was normal. Continue reading

Our Video Program Is Right for You, But Are You Right For Us?

You know you need video. You know you your clients expect you to be on video. You get why video is so important to market your law firm. You understand how video gets viewers to know you, like you and trust you. Continue reading

The year is 2012. Blogs are all the rage.

Facebook has taken over the Internet. Google and YouTube run a distant second and third place. 60-70% of content online is video. You know why, don’t you? People are lazy. They don’t want to read. People go online for two primary reasons. (1) To be entertained or (2) For information. Continue reading

Ben Glass & Great Legal Marketing in Reston,Virginia

“A Parade of Moving Interest” was a phrase that Ben Glass explained to a packed room full of lawyers from around the country looking to stand out from the crowd. Unless you were a Dan Kennedy devotee, you most likely needed Ben’s explanation to understand the concept that a consumer or potential client isn’t looking for you or your legal services when they wake up in the morning. Continue reading

Lawyers: Adapt or Become Obsolete

That was the recurring theme at Chris Munley’s ATLAS seminar in Naples, Florida. Chris said it very clearly. “Adapt or your law firm will become obsolete.” Don’t believe me? Remember when carbon paper was the standard in law firms along with the IBM Selectric typewriter? How many law firms do you know use carbon paper today? (That’s where the cc: came from at the end of your letters; carbon copy). Continue reading


I think that video is the future and you’re looking 5 years down the road, I think that the importance of television and radio are going to diminish and the importance of internet is going to rise. I think that anybody seeking to get a competitive advantage in their market needs to take the initiative and work on that now. And this is an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.

Steve Kramer
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