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Lawyers: Should you put your attorney marketing videos on CD or DVD?

In the “old days,” the answer would have been absolutely. In the old days, you would have put your content onto an audio cassette, preferably Memorex or some other high quality audio tape. You might even have tried to put an audio message onto an eight-track tape. Going back even further, if you had the money, you could have tried to put your audio message on a 33 RPM record. Ahh...those were the good old days. Well, the cassette tape along with the eight track tape have gone out the window. Film cameras have become antiques along with vinyl records. CDs and DVDs were the next hottest media to arrive. Everyone went from having a VHS VCR to having CD players. Then, DVDs came along with the much-hyped blue-ray. Standard definition video is so “old school” since now everything is high-definition video. Continue reading

Attorney Video: How to Choose a Video Producer

You've made the decision to jump into attorney video to market your law firm online. You think you've found the right video production company. How do you really know whether the video producer is right for you? Let's look at the basics first. Experience Clearly you want someone who has experience creating attorney video. That goes without question. Continue reading

Why My Blog Didn’t Make the ABA Journal Blog 100 Contest

Don't you just love contests? They can be fun. They can be exciting especially if the prizes have value. But what's this thing about the ABA Journal contest for the top 100 blogs? It seems that every year the ABA Journal runs a popularity contest to see who can garner the most votes by being the most popular. Continue reading

Even the President’s Economic Advisor is Using Video

I guarantee you one thing... The economic adviser to the President of the United States, Austan Goolsbee, (actually, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers) is NOT using a Flip camera or a Kodak Zi8 to shoot his videos. Nor is he using the built-in microphone on the video camera. Here he is talking about "Crawling Out Of Job Hole-Do We Really Want To Go Back?" What the heck is he doing on YouTube? Continue reading

How Many Trial Attorneys Help Other Lawyers Create Video?

The real question to ask is, "How many medical malpractice trial attorneys help other lawyers use video to market themselves online?" The answer is: Only one. Why do you care? You should care and here's why. When you choose a video production company to create your educational video they are supposed to help produce your videos, teach you how to deliver your message and most importantly help you create content that will compel viewers to pick up the phone and call. Continue reading


Gerry, I want to thank you, you’ve helped me – not just to use video that actually converts and gets me what I want from the video that I use on the web. You have consistently delivered information to very smart, very savvy businesspeople – lawyers and professionals – that they just rave about and that they are going to start implementing in the next couple days to radically change and transform how they deliver the value to clients and how they get paid for it. Gerry, thank you! Fantastic!

David Frees
Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees