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This Watch Costs $136,800

This watch costs $136,800, used, according to Gray & Sons jewelry catalog. Want to know how much it retails for? $273,600. That will take your breath away. Why is that important? I'll tell you. Think about the type of person who buys this watch. If you were the Roger Dubuis watch company, who would you market this watch to? Continue reading

“Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers”

I got a really good laugh when I spied this book sitting on my bookshelf while looking for my "Evidence in Negligence Cases" book written by New York personal injury trial attorney Tom Moore. I'd totally forgotten this book that I bought years ago while trying to figure out how to market myself online. The subtitle is “The complete guide to creating winning ads,” by Kerry Randall and printed by the ABA Law practice management section. The really funny thing is I remember reading this book cover to cover, marking it up, highlighting it and trying to use it to improve my Yellow Pages ad. Continue reading

Expert Blogger Attorney Eric Turkewitz Shows Benefits of Blogging

Fellow New York personal injury trial lawyer Eric Turkewitz describes the pros and cons of blogging. For those of you who don't know Eric online, he's a very well-known blogger and you should check out his blog New York Personal Injury Law Blog. In this video presentation which he gave this past May, 2010, he explains what you should and shouldn't do as a blogger. Why does this help you as an attorney who uses video to market yourself? Everything that Eric talks about in this great presentation can be used when creating video. I highly recommend watching this entire video. It will make you a better marketer and open your eyes. Continue reading

Who appointed YOU as a legal expert?

I was listening to marketing genius Dan Kennedy today and I was reminded of the fact that nobody appoints you as an expert in your field. There is no governing board that says at one point in your life “Okay, you are now considered an expert and therefore you can do whatever it is you do.” Most lawyers struggle and strive for years before achieving "expert" status. Why is that? You don't wake up one morning and suddenly are presented with a certificate that says "Congratulations Mr. Jones, you are now an expert in your field of law." What does this have to do with creating video to market your practice? Absolutely everything. Continue reading

Why Aren’t You Getting Those High-Value Cases?

You advertise, right? You use TV, radio, newspaper ads, display ads, classified ads. You hold seminars and you develop a large referral base. Yet for some reason, you struggle to get those large, high value cases? Why is that? Many times I have been in the lawyers lounge in Court and hear attorneys complaining. What's their complaint? “If only I had a few million-dollar cases, then I would be on easy street.” Then they conveniently point to very successful law firms who appear to get these multimillion dollar cases out of thin air and look upon them with jealousy. If only they learned to figure out why those cases are attracted to those particular law firms like flies on a flytrap. Continue reading

6 Months With My Canon T2i dSLR

It’s been a while now since I bought my digital SLR camera that also takes hi-definition video. I got it right before we went on a family vacation to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean. I wrote a blog post about 938 photos I took on that vacation. Since that time I have taken over 7,000 pictures with this camera. Do I like it? You bet I do. It’s a great camera that I’m still learning about. I’ve learned that you don’t want to use your dSLR to shoot fast-action video on the soccer field. You can read that blog post here. Continue reading

Attorney Video Checklist: 9 Must-Have Items

Pilots use a checklist to ensure that everything is functioning properly prior to takeoff and prior to landing. Checklists help you identify things you must do and have not yet done. Here are my top 9 must-have items when creating attorney video: Continue reading

50 Videos Just For You

Yes, I wrote that correctly. Fifty. Attorneys who sign up for the Platinum level of my Total Online Video Success program create 50 video clips in one day's worth of video shooting. You might think that each video clip would be maybe 30 seconds to one minute. If you thought that, you'd be 100% incorrect. Our video clips last 1 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes. When you consider how many videos you create... Continue reading

“Steady Yourself, Man…Get a Tripod!”

Don't think you can hold your video camera steady for more than 30 seconds. You can't. If you don't believe me, try it. Try a wide angle shot and hold for 60 seconds without moving. Then zoom in on something in the distance and try holding it rock-steady for 60 seconds. It won't happen. Try videotaping your kid's school play without a tripod and all you'll see is the camera bobbing up and down. Step up to the plate and get yourself a tripod. What tripod to get? Continue reading

Skiing and the Video Camera Dilemma

It was 4:15 pm and the sun was going down. We had just started our run on a quiet trail that headed right into the sunset. The image was beautiful. Gorgeous mountain scenery, great skiing conditions, the wind rustling through my dark gray helmet and yellow-tinted goggles. The air was fresh, clean and cool. The only thing missing was my video camera. Well, not exactly. You see, I had a choice of cameras... Continue reading


Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute