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Gerry’s Top 5 Attorney Video Marketing blog posts of 2010

1. Lawyers Video Studio New Online Newsletter-Dec. 10? 2. Want to Know What It's Like Shooting Video in the Lawyer's Video Studio? 3. Napoleon Hill Reveals the Secrets of Success... Continue reading

Can You Deliver Your Video Message Without Practicing?

"How do you get to Carnegie hall?" the young music student asked the policeman for directions. "Practice, young man. Practice," the man responded. Nobody is born being good at anything. You've got to practice. Great trial lawyers are not born; they practice. Anything you do well is because you've done it hundreds and thousands of times. The same goes for creating great video. Continue reading

Lawyers Video Studio-New January 2011 Newsletter Now Available

Learn how one really smart New York City Park Ave. law firm created video in the Lawyers Video Studio. Find out how many videos the Lawyers Studio put online last month alone. Learn about our lawyer referral program and how you can easily generate income with a single phone call. A quick reminder that lawyers who join our program get to take advantage of the ONLY video coaching group for lawyers in the country. Continue reading

A Sarcastic Approach to Lawyer Marketing With Video

Q: "Video marketing doesn't work, right?" asks an attorney. A: "You're right," I respond. It's a terrible way to market yourself online. (This will undoubtedly make the attorney feel better, since he already knew that video marketing could not possibly work. Who am I to tell him otherwise?) Statement: "Nobody watches attorney video. I mean, what type of person would ever go online to look for an attorney? Just ask someone to refer you to an attorney. You don't need to go online to look for one," the attorney states authoritatively. Continue reading

2010 State of the Internet Address; Video Marketing for Attorneys

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the State of the Union for Lawyer Video. "My fellow attorneys, The state of affairs for lawyers who create video to market themselves stinks. Truly awful. Video quality has improved but content has gone down the drain. Four years ago the only type of lawyer videos that video companies created were "Look at me!" videos. Those videos simply were one intro video that did nothing more than say "Come to me because I'm great." Fast forward to the present day and lawyers have made leaps and bounds. Continue reading

Crappy Attorney Video-Why Lawyers Don’t Stand Out From the Crowd

I don't understand crappy video. On a regular basis, someone convinces smart, intelligent, educated lawyers to create content that nobody wants to see. Want to know why? I'll tell you. One lawyer sees that another attorney created an interesting looking video and he wants it too. When we were kids, we thought like that too. We'd get jealous when our friend got something new and we didn't or couldn't have it. We'd think about how cool it was and often we'd be jealous that he had it and we didn't. Continue reading

Mom Killed in Ohio Car Accident; Daughter in a coma. Grandmother calls.

Ohio car crash attorney Jack Carney-DeBord got a call from a grandma who needed help. He had previously helped her on a small case and now something horrible had happened. She said “Jack, I need your help.” During the course of this devastating accident case, Jack hired many different experts including an economist, a life-care planner and pediatric medical experts. This young girl remained in a coma for many months. The most remarkable part of this tragic story was that six months after the horrific accident, she was able to return to school. Continue reading

5 Reasons Lawyers Should NOT Create a TV-style Video Show

Maybe you like watching Oprah. Maybe you like watching 15 to 20 minute online videos. Maybe you think that you have useful information that people want to watch and you think an online video show is the way to go. Maybe you’ve seen some of the big internet marketers create TV shows online and think you’d like to do the same. Then again, maybe you haven’t. Here are the 5 top reasons attorneys should not create a web-video show: Continue reading

Ohio Personal Injury Attorney Jack Carney-Debord Doesn’t Give Up & Doesn’t Give In

In the eyes of the truck driver's insurance company, the facts were clear: They weren't going to pay a dime for the injuries caused by their client during a wreck on I-270 near Columbus, OH. The insurance company claimed that because the truck driver had suffered a heart attack, it was considered an "Act of God" which was a complete bar or defense against any case to collect damages. Two other Ohio personal injury law firms agreed with the insurance company and declined to take the case. However, Central Ohio truck and car accident attorney Jack Carney-Debord wasn't so sure the case was as open and shut as the insurance company made it out to be. Continue reading

Gerry’s Top 6 Marketing Books of 2010

The end of December is approaching and here for your consumption is my list of top six marketing books of 2010: Continue reading


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