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Should You Upgrade Your Video Equipment?

Chances are you have a video camera with flash memory. It will hold a memory card, maybe 8GB or 16GB. If you're really on the cutting edge, you will probably have a Class 6 high capacity memory card. As most of you know, tape-based video has gone the way of the 8-track (for those of you old enough to remember what 8-track is). Continue reading

Attorney Video Marketing: Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Video

You’ve made a conscious decision that you need to create video to market your law practice. There’s a lot of stuff on the web by various “experts” who tell that it’s easy; it’s hard; it’s easy as long as you buy my stuff to do it; it’s easy provided you follow my hundreds of steps to create quality video, and more. The problem with most of these so-called experts is that they don’t really tell you how “easy” this really is. In fact, it’s not easy. It’s difficult and here’s why. Continue reading


Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute