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Video is the Future of the Internet

Video you communicate with your viewers. It allows a viewer to get to know you before they ever meet you. It allows you to educate your viewer and it shows how you are different. Video allows you to establish yourself as the clear expert and leader in your field without you ever having to say "Come to me because I'm the one in this video." There is no other method of marketing for attorneys that is so effective, inexpensive and offers the best return on investment dollar for dollar compared to any other form of advertising media. Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing: Do you live, eat and breathe video?

If you do, then you must be a videographer or a video marketer like myself. I wake from a good night’s sleep and the moment I’ve woken up I have ten new ideas about how I can use video to market my law practice. I wake up with new ideas about blog posts to help educate and inform my readers. Continue reading

The lawyer’s quick start guide to creating great video

It’s simple if you know which camera to use out of the hundreds on the market, and new ones coming out daily. Sure it’s easy if you know which microphone to use; a wired microphone, a wireless microphone, or a shotgun microphone. Sure it’s easy to light up your room with your overhead lights. Are those tungsten lights? Are they fluorescent? Are you using natural light? So many options and so much confusion. Which hardware do you need to upgrade? Is it the RAM memory? Is it the graphics card? Is it the external hard drive? Which video editing software should I use? Do I need to spend $750-$800 on Final Cut Pro when I don’t even know how to get the video footage off my camera and onto the computer? Can I get the Sony Vegas free trial? Continue reading

Who Owns Your Video Content?

You think you own it, right? In theory, you do. However, when you attempt to host your videos in the video sharing sites you may be shocked to learn that they have total control over what is done with your videos. They control where those videos are placed on their website. They control what advertisements, if any, will overlay your video. They determine what quality your video will be played back at. They determine how much of your description will be shown to a viewer. They determine how many other similar videos will also appear next to yours while yours is being watched. Continue reading

My iPhone4 Experiment

I was at the Apple store recently. A shiny new object caught my attention. It was a handheld device that looked like no other. No, it wasn't an iPad. No, it wasn't a new iMac. Instead, it was the new iPhone4. I went to the Apple store to get my son's Macbook pro fixed and after that was taken care of, I began to explore. This new communication device looked interesting. I freely admit I use a Blackberry with Verizon. I started playing. I was most interested in the video capabilities of the new phone. The screen resolution was outstanding. It played YouTube videos flawlessly and crisply. Even in a crowded store, I was able to listen to myself talk in one of my videos (my wife says I do that all too often!). Continue reading

3 Myths of Video Marketing for Lawyers

3 Myths: 1. You need the best video equipment to create attorney video; 2. You need the most expensive video camera to create great video; 3. You need the most technologically advanced computer to edit your videos. You just bought the latest and greatest video camera to shoot your attorney video. You got the best price for the most advanced camera on the market. Do you think a viewer can tell the difference between a video created with a $500 camera and one made with a $1,500 camera? Continue reading

“You Advertise?” Chuckled the Attorney in the Lawyer’s Lounge

When I first started to practice law I worked for a defense firm handling PI and medical malpractice cases on Wall Street in NYC. They also handled the occasional plaintiff's case. There was a 'feeling' back then that attorneys that needed to advertise where 'those kind of lawyers' and generally looked down upon. 'Those' lawyers took cases that appeared to come from volume practices rather than quality cases. In other words, they took anything that walked in the door. 'Those' lawyers advertised. The traditional law firms relied on word-of-mouth advertising and didn't need to debase themselves with an awful yellow pages ad that was not far from the plumbing ads. (I am sure that some lawyers felt the PI attorneys who advertised probably qualified to be connected to those plumbing ads). Continue reading

3 Great Marketing Experts You Need to Know

What type of lifestyle do you want as an attorney? Do you enjoy working till midnight because you’ve got a motion that must be submitted the next day? Do you have trouble attracting new business and new clients in this economy? Are you looking for ways to make your phone ring? Do you have the charisma to generate new business through attorney referrals? Do you have a marketing funnel already in place that is proven to work? If you are new to marketing, you would do well to hitch your star to any one of the legal marketing experts I discuss below. The following three marketing experts are, in my opinion, the best in the business. Continue reading

How do watch companies distinguish their watches from each other?

Let’s say you own a watch company. You compete with Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Movado, Festina, Frederique Constant, Alpina, Citizen, Seiko among many others. How do you market your watches? Don’t they all just tell time? Don’t they all have an hour hand and a minute hand? (Assuming it’s not a digital watch). Don’t they tell you time in a 12 hour period? Most have a date. Some have a day and date. Some are automatic winding; some are quartz and require a battery. Some use light to power their watches. Some use rare metals like titanium; others use gold. Most are stainless steel. Some can go down to 5000 feet in the ocean, others are simply water resistant and never make it past the bathroom sink. Still others cannot go in any water at all. Of course there are many styles, models and colors to suit every interest. Most importantly, how do you set yourself apart from all your competitors if every one of these time-tellers does the same thing? Continue reading

Video Lawyer Marketing: Is Editing The Most Important Part?

Some might say yes. Others say “Phooey. I’ll just press record and then when I’m done, simply upload right to YouTube.” Besides content, editing is way up there in terms of importance and here’s why: 1. You’ve got to make your video direct and to the point. If you don’t edit out the garbage and excess verbiage, your viewer will be turned off. Continue reading


Gerry is an absolute master at getting you to relax and speak to the camera in such a way that the clients – the potential clients – are going to be receptive to the message that you’re giving them. I decided to use video to market my law firm because YouTube is the second largest video search website on the internet, next to Google. And at some point in time, is probably going to overtake Google. So, I think it’s absolutely critical to have content out there to appeal to potential clients in your practice area. I would go to Gerry Oginski and really learn what a master in this area would do for you. Because it is absolutely clear that Gerry’s understanding of shooting video – in particular for personal injury trial lawyers- is so far beyond anybody else in this area that you would doing yourself a real disservice if you spent your money any other way

D. J. Banovitz
D. J. Banovitz, Attorney at Law