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How Much To Create a Martindale-Hubble Attorney Video?

I am always looking on the web for video production companies that offer good value for your money. I came upon Martindale-Hubbel's video service and thought you'd want to know what they charge for creating video. Then you can compare it to what I offer and ask yourself which has a better value. To create a 1 minute video, they charge... Continue reading

Airline Pilot turned Trial Attorney Shoots Video with NY Video Marketing Expert Gerry Oginski

Ask yourself what type of person would fly from California to Long Island New York just to shoot video with me? The answer is, a really smart personal injury trial lawyer who recognizes how important it is to have a trial lawyer as your video producer. John Burns was an airline pilot flying wide-bodied jets before he decided to become a personal injury trial lawyer in Southern California. Continue reading

Mischelle Davis blasts her legal marketing into the Stratosphere

Ever hear of Mischelle Davis? She's the marketing powerhouse for her husband, Seattle personal injury attorney Chris Davis. I had the pleasure of finally meeting them both at Ben Glass' Great Legal Marketing seminar June 11 and June 12, 2010 held in Fairfax, Virginia. They are both down-to-earth and lovely people to talk to. I had the pleasure of speaking with them the night before the conference started and was blown away by all the different marketing this super duo make happen. Continue reading

Great Legal Marketing: The video lawyer speaks to attorneys

I am thrilled to be back from a lecture I presented to over 250 attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia about the benefits of creating educational video to market their law practices. Before leaving New York, I had visions in my mind of the crowd going wild; jamming to the music; raising their hands and singing along; demanding more and then of course chanting my name for an encore. Then I woke up and realized it was a daydream of sorts. Continue reading

An exciting presentation at Great Legal Marketing superconference in Virginia

I was speaking to over 250 attorneys on June 11, 2010 at the Hyatt in Fairfax, Virginia. The room was packed. Ben Glass had just finished talking about ethics in attorney advertising. 5:00 pm arrived and I had my wireless microphone all set; my laptop was ready to go and my wireless pointer was plugged in. I walked up on stage and the first question I asked the crowd after introducing myself was "How is it that a solo practitioner like myself is able to compete with the biggest law firms in Manhattan with the biggest marketing budgets?" Continue reading

Protected: A Special Thank You from Attorney Gerry Oginski

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Considering a dSLR to shoot your attorney video?

Dave Kaminski of Web Video University does an excellent job of reviewing the Canon t2i DLSR camera. Here's my question: You're an attorney who wants to create video. You want a camera that will last for years. You want the latest technology. You don't want to spend a fortune. The choices of video cameras are overwhelming. SD or HD? Hard disc or tape-based? Pocket Flip camera or Kodak Zi8? $500 camcorder or a prosumer model costing $1,500? Continue reading

Meet 2 Smart Attorneys Using Video Marketing

I want to introduce you to two really smart attorneys who are implementing the ideas and methods that I teach and turning them into action. The first attorney is Steve Gacovino, from Gacovino and Lake Associates in Sayville New York. He and his partner Ed Lake handle mass tort litigation, product liability cases and personal-injury in New York. Continue reading

Video Marketing for Attorneys: Video is the Driving Force of Online Content

There are some lawyers who still don't get it. They still think the yellow pages is relevant today. There are other lawyers who don't blink to pay $50,000 for TV marketing campaign. There are still some lawyers who think Craigslist is a great way to market themselves and their legal services. All of the traditional forms of attorney advertising are becoming less and less relevant today, especially since most people go online to get information; free information. Continue reading

Video Marketing for Lawyers-The ABC’s

PRODUCTION This is it. The video shoot. A team of people come in and take over your office. They're setting up lighting, setting up their video camera, plugging in electrical devices, setting up sound equipment and microphones. If they're really good, it will take them about 20-30 minutes to set up their equipment. It takes me 10-15 minutes when I do my video shoots. Then there is the calibration of lighting and sound checks to make sure everything works properly. You must do a white balance calibration in order for the camera to know what is really white. The camera then adjusts all other colors accordingly. If you do not set your white balance, I guarantee your video will come out dark and the results will be poor. Continue reading


I highly recommend Gerry Oginski’s Lawyers Video Studio. He gave us the exact instructions to prepare high quality, high content, straight forward videos. During the shoot Gerry guided us through the process the whole way. Gerry gave us the exact feedback we need to keep our message on point in a succinct and meaningful way. He delivers a low pressure, simple, done-for-you system to prepare, shoot and production videos. If you want to create quality education based marketing videos that will produce response, you need to use Gerry’s service.

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