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Webinar Replay, May 25, 2010- Video Marketing for Lawyers

In this webinar replay you will learn why creating video is so important to market your practice, distinguish you from all other attorneys and explain why creating video is the best return on your investment anywhere. Continue reading

David Frey & Mike Koenigs talk about the great benefits of giving it away

If you are new to the world of online marketing, you might not know the name David Frey. You might not know that he is one of the driving forces behind education-based marketing. You might not know that he is one of the smartest Internet marketers anywhere in the online world. He offers real, practical and timely advice about how small businesses can market themselves both online and off. One of the very first products that I bought online was David Frey's Small Business Marketing Bible, which I have read cover to cover many times since then. Continue reading

Does Video Blogging For Attorneys Work? “No,” Says Attorney Gerry Oginski

"What?!" "What do you mean it doesn't work? Isn't that what you've been preaching about for the longest time?" Yes I have. But I have a secret. A secret I do not want to share with my competitors. You see, the reality is... Continue reading


In this month's ABA Law Practice journal magazine, the featured article is written by yours truly. The theme of this month's magazine is SMART MARKETING: IDEAS YOU CAN USE TO GET YOUR FIRM BACK IN THE GAME. Take a look and tell me what you think about the article. Continue reading

Lawyers Video Studio-Online Newsletter May 2010

Learn how really smart attorneys are using video to market themselves today. Read about two law firms who use their custom video channels to showcase and highlight their educational video messages. Read about Frank Kern's dumbest mistake ever. Find out why you don't want to be a videographer and learn all the technical mumbo-jumbo. Learn what two videos got Gerry Oginski a call from the Wall Street Journal and multiple wrongful death cases. Continue reading

The Dolphin Video That Got Away

I'm on vacation with my wife on Sanibel Island in Florida and while walking along the beach I glanced out into the calm ocean waters and was amazed to see two dolphins swimming lazily about 20 feet from shore. I could have kicked myself for not having my video camera with me. My video camera is the Canon Vixia HF S10 and... Continue reading

Lawyers: Learn From Frank Kern’s Dumbest Mistake Ever

Frank Kern, in case you didn't know, is the biggest online information marketer anywhere. Truly. Anywhere. He's the man responsible for many multi-million dollar online product launches. Many of his own included. He's the one that most other online marketers follow. He clearly sets the standard for everyone else to follow. "Why the headline, and what does this have to do with attorneys creating video?" I'm glad you asked. I'm on Frank's email list (along with at least 400,000 other people) and I'm going to post it here so you see how important his comments are: Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing- 20 Questions You MUST Ask When Choosing a Video Production Company

Brick and mortar stores are creating video. Lawyers are using video to get more clients. Businesses big and small are creating video. Why? Because they are beginning to realize how powerful video has become and how cost-effective it is to create and distribute. In the history of advertising for attorneys, there is nothing as cost effective as making video to market your services. To get the most bang for your buck you want your marketing message to work for you day and night; to be targeted to your ideal target market; and for your potential clients to be able to interact with you. Nothing else allows you to do all that except video. Continue reading

Attorney Video Testimonials

Listen in to hear what two really smart lawyers had to say about the process of creating their video using Gerry's Total Online Video Solution. Continue reading

TrafficGeyser Founder Mike Koenigs struts his stuff at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in Dallas

If you weren’t familiar with Mike Koenigs and his green “Make it Go” button, you might think that he was a magician. He does something almost magical when talking about his service. He doesn’t talk about it at all until the very, very end of his presentation. Instead, he talks about the results he has achieved with people who have used his mass content distribution system. He shows you proof of what works. Continue reading


Gerry is really a master of Internet marketing and an authority on effective lawyer video marketing. I highly recommend Gerry if you’re interested in custom law firm video to successfully build your practice.

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