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How An Open House Helped Me Improve My Attorney Video

My family and I were on vacation in Sanibel, Florida, one of our favorite places, and as we were exploring the island one day we saw a sign that said "Open House." My kids and I were intrigued and wanted to see this house that was for sale near the beach. My wife on the other hand was reluctant and did not want to go without an appointment. As we drove down the street we immediately noticed which house was having the open house: The one with the balloons at the driveway with a really big sign saying "OPEN HOUSE. WELCOME." My kids, seeing the sign, wanted to go in and explore. Read the full article to find out more... Continue reading

Lawyer Video: You Be The Judge

A judge is supposed to decide a case impartially; be the trier of facts (in non-jury trials); and arbiter of the law. Yet when deciding on whether creating attorney video is right for you, you need to become a video critic on attorney video. Why? 

So that you can decide for yourself what not to do. If you’re a trial attorney, you know how important it is to observe other lawyers on trial. It’s important because you get to see not only what to do, but importantly, what not to do. Same for attorney video. You need to watch video that other lawyers have created so you can do something totally different. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is not to follow what other attorneys are doing on video.

Go onto YouTube and search for attorneys in your specialty, in your geographic area. Then watch those videos for both the content, and the video technique. The second most important piece of advice I can give you is to ask yourself this question: “If I were searching for an attorney online and watching this lawyer video, would I call this lawyer based upon this video?”

You… Continue reading

Lawyers: Will Using Green Screen Set You Apart?

Using a green screen allows you to insert into your background any image or moving image you want. This is done to give the impression of being in a fancy or exotic location when you're really in your office or video studio. How does it work? When you are editing your video on your computer, you first edit your scene. Then you color correct your video. Then you start to work on the image you want to use to replace the entire green screen that was behind you. Continue reading

Lawyers: Ready To Jump To Hi-Def Video? Not So Fast…

There are benefits to using hi-definition video: 1. Resolution is amazing 2. Quality is stunning 3. When compared side by side to standard definition video, the difference is significant Here are the cons to using hi-definition video: 1. You need massive storage space on your computer- the files are enormous 2. You need the most up-to-date computer hardware to accommodate the huge files and resources needed to edit them 3. You can use hi-def video and still have horrible looking video when uploaded to the web. Yes, let me say that again. If your settings are not correct with the way you render your video, and the height and width of the video, when you upload it to a video sharing site your video may not be compatible in size to what they require. That's why you see some videos look all fuzzy, even though they used a nice camera to shoot their video. 4. The time to upload your video to your computer will increase by a component of FIVE times as long as with standard definition because of the huge file size. 5. Cost. It's still more expensive to buy a hi-def video camera- except for the pocket hi-def cameras (Flip Mino, Sony Webbie, et. al.) Continue reading

Legal Broadcast Network Interviews Attorney Gerry Oginski

Scott Drake of the Legal Broadcast Network discusses video marketing with New York Medical Malpractice attorney Gerry Oginski. Listen in. You won't be disappointed. Continue reading

30 Seconds To Set Your White Balance

Ready? Set? Go... 1. Turn your camera on. (10 seconds) 2. Press the manual white balance button on your camera. (5 seconds) 3. Take your white piece of oak-tag or posterboard and zoom in fully so that nothing else shows in your viewfinder. (5 seconds) 4. Press your white balance calibration button and lock it. (5 seconds) 5. Zoom out. (5 seconds) 6. You have now color calibrated your camera and are ready to start shooting video. Elapsed time: 30 seconds Continue reading

Lawyers: Is Your Video Professional Enough?

I was on a conference call last week with a guy who is a professional videographer. During the call, he repeatedly tried to imply that the only real way to create attorney video is with a "professional videographer." He emphasized that professional video companies use "green screen" techniques and know exactly how to format the video in order to properly upload it to various video sharing sites. Despite the fact that I am a full time medical malpractice and personal injury attorney practicing law in New York, and have tremendous experience creating attorney video, I had to agree with what this professional video guy said. In fact, I think it would be outrageous if a professional video company did not know how to create green screen effects, and did not know what formats to compress the video in order to properly upload it online. However, here's what I disagreed with: Continue reading

What Should I Talk About In My Lawyer Video?

When a prospective client walks in your door, do you ask the same question? Do you say to yourself, "What should I say to this potential client?" Of course not. That's because you already know what to say. It's the same thing with video. Content is the key to getting a viewer to watch your entire video. If you choose the wrong content, they will never watch you, and will likely never watch any of your videos. Continue reading

YouLaw: Client Testimonial Lost in Translation-Video review by Gerry Oginski

In this testimonial video, we see a woman speaking to someone off-camera. Unfortunately, I cannot understand most of what she says. The problems stems from a combination of poor sound and the woman's accent. Even when I can understand her words, there is no logical flow to her story. I can't make out the details of her case, nor do I hear anything about how this lawyer or law firm helped solve her problem; only that she is happy she got to keep her rented furniture. Continue reading

How To Use Social Networking To Boost Your Video Content

"Video blogging is something we all should be doing, yours truly included. If I had to name one of the top experts in using video on a blog, Gerry Oginski would be my go to guy. In fact Gerry is a great example of how a professional service provider can use video to get their message out and how it can be used to provide information to their audience. While Gerry’s focus is using video to promote a legal practice. His advice and techniques can be applied to anyone. I just wish I could get Gerry to be a regular contributor to Blog For Profit." Continue reading


avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

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