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Lawyer Videos-An Interview on the Legal Broadcast Network

Listen in as Gerry Oginski, an experienced New York medical malpractice, wrongful death and accident trial lawyer is interviewed by Scott Drake on the Legal Broadcast Network. The key to using video is to educate consumers to make them a better, more informed consumer of legal services.

Information Age Saps Jurors’ Attention

By Trey Cox
The National Law Journal
February 6, 2009

This is a great article that discusses the problems trial lawyers face and must compete with on a daily basis in the courtroom. Each day we are bombarded with thousands of messages craving our attention. Read the article to find out how a trial lawyer can deal with jurors who are so eager to check their blackberry phones that their minds are not on the trial.

“Juror 12 is adrift. It’s not that he doesn’t care about the contract dispute tediously unfolding in the courtroom. Who knows — he might be the kind of natural leader who can rally 11 wafflers behind closed doors during deliberations. The real problem with this hopelessly distracted juror is his irrepressible urge to grab his BlackBerry, manage his bloated e-mail folder and cram as much business as possible into each recess.”

Click here to read the full article.

Lawyer Advertisements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Attorney Gyi Tsakalakis does a great review on lawyer advertisements that use video to get their message across. In his blog titled AttorneySync’s Blog on Marketing a Law Firm he compares three attorney videos.

I must confess that one of the videos is mine!
I’ll leave it to you to read his blog post to figure out what he thought of my video.
Then, when you learn what he thought of my video, call me to help you create your own lawyer videos.

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5 Reasons To Create Attorney Videos

Just published an article at that describes 5 reasons to create attorney videos.

Check it out…it’s very compelling.

Video Marketing Tips for Lawyers: No. 3 @

Just published article #3 in a series of tips to help lawyers understand how to create online video. Importantly, in these series of articles, I discuss not just what to put in your lawyer videos, but more importantly, what not to do.

“What 99 percent of attorneys do not include in their videos: Information!

[This is the million-dollar video tip.]

In case you haven’t realized it, we’re in the Internet age. It is the information age. Potential clients go online to get, yes, you can say it, come on, say it with me: “information.” The more information you can give them, the greater chance you will have to be seen as the expert in your field of law. They get to know you through your informative video. By the time they are done watching your video, you have educated the viewer, and he or she will likely have more questions to ask about their particular matter.”

To read the full article, click here.


Gerry, I've read your book and watched at least 100 of your videos, and follow your blog, so "I feel like I know you already!".

I wanted to introduce myself, I work for an attorney, David Aylor, in the Charleston, SC area. I do all his in house marketing, and most recently have focused on video marketing, using your approach.

We started exploring the strategy last July, started filming by September, and published the first video to YouTube Nov. 1. I am now publishing 2 videos per week and the response had been great.

I want to share with you how we have be utilizing the material on Facebook, to build a community of "friends" of the law firm. These are previous clients, referral sources, friends of the staff, other attorneys, new media (radio, TV, and print) as well as other prominent folks in the community.

I really was against the idea of Facebook marketing at first (because I think there's alot of hacks and snake oil salesmen in the "social media/SEO marketing" world). But I was very wrong, the content we are creating is being liked, shared, and commented on, and Facebook's strong community platform (and it's EdgeRank algorithm) is giving us a great way to keep our "inner circle" close to the office, and relevant in the minds of them and their friends.

This was the first video we posted to Facebook-
"Can My Facebook Profile Be Used As Evidence In Court?"
95 likes, 25 comments, 27 shares

The local NBC anchor actually saw it in his Facebook feed from a friend sharing it, and interviewed David Aylor for a 6 o'clock news story on Social Media and Privacy in the legal system. (you can see here if you'd like

I would love to show you more about how I'm strategizing these videos for YouTube use as well as Facebook now. I think there are definitely some areas of practice and law firms that it wouldn't work for, but I'm sure there are a bunch that would benefit from it.

Thanks for all you do, and I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you soon!

David Haskins