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Another YouLaw Review by Attorney Gerry Oginski

By Gerry Oginski

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TechnoScore: 3.5
1 = Lowest Possible Score; 5 = Highest Possible Score

In the first half of this video, Law Office of Leonard Weitzman, Family Law, Bridgewater, NJ, I was impressed with how confident, natural, and poised Weitzman was during his one man show. Yet, when he started talking about himself during the second half, I struggled not to jump to the next video.

Weitzman uses a very effective and subtle technique when talking about what you should look for when deciding on an attorney. Specifically, he mentions the need to see and hear a confident, able and presentable lawyer. He gives you this information while sounding confident, able, and totally presentable.

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By Gerry Oginski, Esq.

Benefits of Video

Have you noticed how many lawyers are putting video on their websites?

Have you seen law firm videos on YouTube?

Have you seen the statistics of people who search for an attorney online?

Have you recognized the potential that online video has for you and your law firm?

Online lawyer videos are becoming the gold-standard in establishing your presence on the web. Why? Most viewers want to get to know a lawyer before calling you. Video allows a viewer to see, hear and decide for themselves whether they like you.
Lawyers who fail to recognize the potential for marketing themselves with online video lose the ability to get new clients with this innovative tool.

Lawyers who fail to recognize the benefits of attorney video lose the chance to have hundreds and thousands of viewers get to know them, without paying one dime more if 1,000 people watch your video or if 10,000 people watch your video.
Lawyers who fail to recognize how powerful online videos have become are practicing law in the stone age. Just look at how many views silly little video clips amass: “Puppy runs into mirror: 65,000 views,” “Jeff Dunham,… Continue reading


I have been answering the same questions over and over for 18 years and I wanted the opportunity to get those answers into video and onto my website. When I did my research, I looked on the Web, I talked to other attorneys, there was one man who I thought could do the job and that was Gerry Oginski. If you’re considering improving your business, and want to use the tool of video, this is a great place to start.

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