2 Reasons to Create 50+ Attorney Videos in a One-Day Video Shoot

  1. Trial Attorney Gerry Oginski being interviewed on TV by Attorney David Lesch on “Today’s Verdict”

    Once you create 50+ attorney videos, either at your office or here in New York, those videos will work for you night & day, 365 days a year; whether you’re on vacation, at work or asleep.

  2. Once you learn how to create 50+ videos in a one day video shoot here in the Lawyers Video Studio, you will get the attorney video marketing bug and eagerly want to create more video to market your law firm.

That’s it. Short and sweet today.

Do you really need any more reasons than that?


To get started with creating your great attorney videos to market your law firm, simply reach out and set up a strategy call with me. On the call I’ll ask you some questions about what’s working in your practice and what’s not. I’ll even give you some helpful tips and video marketing strategies you might not even know about.

Set up your call today…516-487-8207 or by email: Gerry@lawyersvideostudio.com. I welcome your call!

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I highly recommend Gerry Oginski’s Lawyers Video Studio. He gave us the exact instructions to prepare high quality, high content, straight forward videos. During the shoot Gerry guided us through the process the whole way. Gerry gave us the exact feedback we need to keep our message on point in a succinct and meaningful way. He delivers a low pressure, simple, done-for-you system to prepare, shoot and production videos. If you want to create quality education based marketing videos that will produce response, you need to use Gerry’s service.

Ryan Pitz
Intake Academy