“3 Days to Success” with Attorney Dave Frees

I just participated in a mastermind group run by Pennsylvania Trusts & Estates lawyer Dave Frees. It was eye-opening. It was exciting. It was really cool. It was also held in Scottsdale, Arizona where it was 95 degrees during the day.

I met a lot of really smart business owners, professionals, attorneys and entrepreneurs. What were they doing there? The same thing I was.

Put another way, why would a New York medical malpractice & personal injury trial lawyer go to sit in a room with 15 other smart people, 3/4 of the way across the country?

I’ll answer my question with a few questions.

What would it mean to your business if you could communicate better? How would your bottom line improve if you were able to use just one technique and strategy (out of more than a hundred) to bring your marketing to the next level? When have you been in a small, intimate setting where you got to present your most significant problem in your business or life and had 15 other smart people offer tangible solutions to tackle your immediate problems?

The answers are obvious…at least they are to me. That’s why I jumped at the chance to participate in Dave’s mastermind seminar. The fact it was being held in Arizona was just a bonus for me.

Dave is much more than just a T&E attorney. He’s an expert communicator and mastermind facilitator. He understands the power of persuasion and teaches you ways to improve yours. (Ask him at dinner where he gained this knowledge and you will be amazed by his background.)

Dave is outgoing, genuine and offers ideas, tips, strategies and tactical solutions that are eye-opening.

I met Dave years ago at a legal marketing seminar and have heard him speak many times since then. I was chatting with Dave one day and was telling him about a problem I had with one of my four kids. He immediately offered a solution. I implemented it the next day. It worked beautifully.

When I learned that Dave was hosting a mastermind group to help you communicate and market yourself better, I jumped at the chance to go. I knew he could improve what I was doing in my businesses and my personal life.

How was the seminar? Awesome.

I personally took away over 30 tips and strategies to help me with market the Lawyers Video Studio as well as my medical malpractice law firm.

One statement boldly stands out.
“People do not care about the features and benefits of your services or products you sell…”

I thought, “Wait a second…yes they do…this doesn’t make sense.” I thought that the features and benefits were the answer to my clients’ problems. How wrong I was.

In the next breath, Dave said “People do not care about your features and benefits. They only care about the transformational value that your products or services give them.”

That statement was worth the entire experience.

If you’re an attorney who wants to improve your marketing, you need to take a look at Dave’s mastermind seminar. If you’re a small business owner who wants to improve the way you communicate with your customers, join Dave at his next seminar. If you’re a professional, a CEO or an executive, you want to immediately sign up for Dave’s next mastermind session before all the available slots are gone. As for me…I’m going back as soon as he notifies us of the next date and place.

To learn more, take a look at 3DaysToSuccess.com
BTW, Dave had no idea I’d be writing a blog post about my seminar experience.

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Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute